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Record and edit high-quality videos at scale for every purpose. Video by CoPilot AI drafts your script, tracks your eye movement, and produces high-quality videos that no one will suspect are created by AI.
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Use Video by Copilot for:

Connecting & converting with outreach videos
Engage prospects, boost response rates, and stand out with personalized outreach videos.
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Making an impact with video reminders
Ensure memorable meetings with personalized video reminders that increase attendance.
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Strengthening relationships with prompt follow-ups
Nurture relationships and drive conversions with personalized follow-up videos.
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CoPilot benefits


Personalize at Scale

Reach a wider audience and deliver personalized videos at scale with efficient batch video recording. Tailor your message, save time, and connect with maximum impact


Expand Your Reach Instantly

Reach a wider audience by seamlessly adding more prospects to your videos and maximize your potential for conversions and meaningful connections.


Show and Engage with Screen Sharing

Capture attention and deliver powerful demos/pitches with the ability to share your screen effortlessly. Showcase your product, present information, and provide in-depth explanations with real-time visuals.


Save and Reuse Your Best Moments

Capture and save your best video clips for easy reuse, ensuring consistent and impactful messaging. Organize and access your video clips in a centralized library for effortless content management

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How it works

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1. Start creating videos

Simply record a video and add it to your video timeline - it’s that easy! Want to look better than the rest? Leverage our recording tools to create high quality results.

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2. Show your stuff

You’re pretty great, but so is your product and service. Go beyond camera recording. Share your screen, or upload quick videos, to show the value you can create.

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3. Personalize your outreach

Add personal intros for all the people on your project list, in a single recording flow to increase engagement. We'll splice it together for you.

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4. Customize and send off

Whether sending to your top client, or to an entire lead list, customize your subject line and thumbnail. We’ll personalize the rest.

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